Do you feel a dull pain or pressure on your head?

Why do you have a headache?

There are many kinds of headache due to various reasons but the most common type is tension headache.

The cause of tension headaches is unknown. Experts theorize that people who have tension headaches have a heightened sensitivity to pain.

Increased muscle tenderness is a common symptom of tension headaches. Tension headache is commonly reported to be triggered by stress.

How do you make this headache go away?

Headaches usually go away on its own after quite some time. Resting, minimizing stress, exercise, and eating the right kind of food is advised to stay healthy and have a clear mind.

Ayuda Oils can help ease your headache by applying some oil on your temples and gently massage it. The soothing effect of the oil will help you relax, ease your pain and clear your mind.