1. Temple

Gently rub some oil on your temples if you are having trouble sleeping. The
soothing effect of the oil will help you relax and clear your mind for sleep.

2. Sinus

Dab some oil on your pointer fingers, rub them gently and apply a very light
layer over the sinus area to clear congested nose.

3. Behind the ears

Apply some oil at the lower back part of your ears and rub before training/
studying and exams/competitions to increase focus.

4. Behind the neck

Gently rub some oil at the back of your neck to relax you, uplift your mood
and calm anxiety.

5. Throat

Dab some oil on your pointer fingers and rub them gently on your throat area
to help ease cough and sore throat. Ayuda's elemi properties will loosen
phlegm and help it come out.

6. Shoulder and Lower back

Roll some oil onto your palm and rub your hands. Apply a light layer to lower
back and shoulders to combat fatigue and muscle pain.

7. Stomach

Dab some oil on the stomach area, rub gently and let Ayuda's peppermint
properties help calm your upset stomach.

8. Hip and abdomen

Apply some oil on hip/abdomen area and gently rub to ease pain. The myrrh in
Ayuda will be a stimulant to increase menstrual flow and alleviate menstrual
cramps and dysmenorrhea.

9. Wrist

Rub some oil in your hands or wrist and smell for relief. The peppermint found
in Ayuda will help manage nausea or motion sickness.

10. Palm

Put some oil in your palms, rub gently and inhale before meditation. The
frankincense ingredient in Ayuda also helps minor cuts and bug bites heal
more quickly. 

11. Joints

Dab some oil on the pained area and gently rub for soothing effect. Ayuda's
lemongrass properties will help relieve muscle pain and swelling

12. Feet

Gently rub some oil at your feet to uplift your mood and calm anxiety. The
peppermint ingredient will provide a cooling sensation and a calming effect
on the body that will help you get a good night sleep.


PRODUCT: Ayuda Rejuvenating Oil

CLAIM TO FAME: 100% natural, pure essential oil.

WHAT IS IT: A blend from the East made with restorative and rejuvenating extract from nature concocted to help rebalance the
body, mind and soul.